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    Rosary with precious stones تسبیح با سنگ های قیمتی

    Rosary with precious stones

    Tasbih means to praise. The word is derived from the Arabic root sabah. In Arabic, it is called Tasbih Musbah.
    Tasbeeh is a type of prayer bead that consists of a set of round beads of baked flowers or colored stones, which are pulled into strings to hold the number of prayers and dhikrs and verses.

    Types of rosaries based on the number of beads
    We have all learned to recite rosaries from our grandmothers or grandfathers. But it is interesting to know that the number of rosary beads can also be related to the type of dhikr you mention. Types of rosaries based on the number of seeds are as follows:

    1- Ordinary rosary: ​​This rosary is 99 beads, ie three to 33 groups of rosary beads that are separated from each other by a smaller bead. Ordinary rosaries are often seen more in homes or mosques.

    2- The main rosary: ​​If you always say the rosaries of Ms. Fatemeh Zahra, it is better to take with you the main rosary in which only 33 beads are tied.

    3- Thousand-grain rosary: ​​This rosary, as its name implies, is very long and is suitable for people who are always reciting or making a large number of vows.

    Types of rosaries

    The types of rosaries are very diverse and different, each of which has its own characteristics. In the following, we will explain more about the types of rosaries and the characteristics of each.
    Torbat rosaries made of flowers are usually made of sacred soils (Torbat Shrine of Shiite Imams)
    The rosary is made by shaving and shaping various materials. These include amber, turquoise, agate and Umm al-Banun (colored beads), as well as baked flowers that are sometimes glazed like persimmon. Some rosaries are also made of hardwood and dark wood by carving and carving wood, which is sometimes called silver carving.

    Rosary with precious stones
    One hundred ruby ​​seeds that are tied together in three categories, in order ... Rosary beads that are designed and made of mineral and precious stones in beautiful sizes, shapes and colors. In addition to the spiritual aspect of these rosaries, we may also mention the healing properties of the stones. The touch of each rosary bead, along with the spiritual peace it gives to human beings, can also transfer the healing properties of stones to the body.

    Tasbih of Shah Maghsoudi
    The stone of this rosary is very special. In such a way that its value increases over time, like Kerman carpets. The main center of construction of this stone is in Kandahar and Jalalabad. The color of this stone is green and yellow, which in terms of valuation, its yellow color is a priority. The more this rosary is held and used, the more its price increases. Because its stones show their transparency and beauty over time. Besides, the antidote property of this stone is another reason for its specialness. So, if you decide to buy Shah Maghsoudi rosary among the types of rosaries, we suggest that you buy some of them that have been hand-picked several times.

    Agate and turquoise are other types of rosaries
    For some people, it is very important that their rosaries are made of a special and at the same time expensive stone. That is why they use agate and turquoise to make their rosaries. We mostly use these two stones in the field of making rings or necklaces because they have a very high price. The original agate stone belongs to Yemen, while in some other countries it is sold with lower quality and lower price. Turquoise stone, which as you know is specific to Neishabour, so you can easily find or order rosaries with turquoise seeds in this city. Be careful when buying and make sure that the opal or turquoise is original.

    What are the other types of rosaries?
    Above we have mentioned some of the most famous types of rosaries and we will mention the rest of them below:

    1- Sandlus rosary: ​​Like Shah Maghsoudi, its value increases and becomes more beautiful over time due to its use. This rosary is available in different colors of blue, yellow, green and red. Of course, do not forget that its seeds are made of chemical and synthetic materials.

    2- Coral rosary: ​​This unique rosary is made of sea corals and initially its pigments are white. But the more you use them, the more they turn yellow over time and then red, which is very colorful. This color change is one of the main reasons for choosing this type of rosary.

    3- Amber rosary: ​​It is another type of rosary whose seeds are of natural origin and is obtained from a type of sea fossil. The best and most famous type of amber in the world belongs to Germany. The production of electricity and the scent of lemon are other different features of this type of rosary.

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